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In a world where “internet money” is no longer a fad, or used solely by a secret community of computer scientists, people are discovering alternative passive income mechanisms to earn more benefits.

Masternodes leverage the rapid rise of cryptocurrencies and the power of compounding returns to provide enhanced value for an effective portfolio diversification.

What is a Masternode?

A Masternode is an essential component of privacy-enhanced cryptocurrencies which plays an important role within a distributed peer-to-peer network. Masternodes are specific crypto wallets that function as dedicated servers, to facilitate instantaneous, trustless and untraceable transactions. To qualify as such, Masternodes require a certain amount of locked coin as collateral, a secured server, a full-time Internet connection, and periodic updates. Masternodes have voting rights within the governance of the network to participate in important decisions regarding the development of the organization and share with the miners a percentage of the rewards of every new block.

  • Increased Privacy of Transactions
  • Decentralized Governance
  • No Expensive Mining Gear
  • Passive Income Generation
  • Autonomous Reward System
  • High Performing Digital Assets

How Do Masternodes Generate Rewards?

Proof-of-Stake (PoS) cryptocurrencies have different incentive models embedded in their code through which a masternode operator can earn rewards. Running a masternode is incentivized by the network just like Proof-of-Work (PoW) cryptocurrencies reward miners for their service to the network. This type of reward system is also known as smart passive income, because the collateralized coins also have the possibility of appreciating. The amount of rewards generated by each Masternode may vary depending on many factors such as the quantity of locked coins on any given moment or the price of the specific coin.

What are the benefits for you?

Fast responding support team.

No upfront installation fees.

Secure and reliable system.

Weekly reward distribution.

Fast withdrawal.

Shared Masternodes.


(clear terms, no hidden fees)

Easy start.

No technical knowledge required.

Automatic updates and upgrades.

Your crypto remains in our secure wallet.

What Is Our Masternode Selection Process?

Somerset analyzes the market and searches for the best options available, constantly establishing communication with developers to participate in upcoming Masternode projects that seek to differentiate through sensible value propositions and disruptive competitive advantages.

Masternodes We Are Currently Operating

Technology in Cryptocurrencies

Making Your Assets Work For You

Take advantage of your cryptocurrency resources to effortlessly earn recurrent rewards, instead of solely holding your coins until they reach a higher price or engaging in trading activities that require a lot of time and effort.

  • We will select the potential coin (high interest with the possibility of the price rising in the future).
  • We will install your masternode wallet in a secure private server.
  • Each week you will receive rewards.
  • After 12 months you will be able to withdrawal your initial contribution and exchange it for its current value.

Why Somerset Equity?

Instead of holding your coin until it reaches a higher price, putting your money into a masternode is an efficient solution to make use of your resources.

Our service will be able to ease and facilitate almost sophisticated procedure (including setting up a node), which now creates a masternode investment easier than ever.

Legally registered company

Somerset Equity Operates from Panama and is a fully registered corporation under Panamanian law.

Personalized Customer Support

Somerset provides immediate attention in the assistance of any inquiry.

Synergy Value Proposition

Our core belief is to create synergistic and durable relationships based on trust.

How does it work?

Step by Step Guide
  1. Member Registers and accepts Terms to a twelve (12) month Masternode Service Agreement with Somerset.
  2. Member makes an initial contribution of at least one (1) Bitcoin (BTC) to an address provided by Somerset.
  3. Member provides a Bitcoin (BTC) wallet address in order to receive the weekly Masternode Rewards.
  4. Somerset will select the Masternode projects to participate, acquire the required coins from exchanges and install, maintain and manage the Masternodes in benefit of Member.
  5. During the first week of initial contribution, Somerset will send a Masternode Participation Report with Member’s initial staked balance.
  6. On a weekly basis, Somerset will send a Weekly Performance Report to Member, exchange rewards to Bitcoin (BTC) and send Rewards to the addresses provided by Member.
  7. Somerset will apply a retention of the weekly Masternode Rewards generated as compensation for its Services.
  8. Upon Agreement expiration, Member will be able to make a withdrawal request at any time and we will liquidate and send the total value of the Masternodes within a period of twenty four (24) hours.
  9. If a Member does not request a withdrawal upon term expiration, the agreement will continue to be valid until a withdrawal request is submitted.
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